Consument vult een Net Promotor Score vragenlijst in

Smarter Insights: The Net Promotor Score NPS: now even better

The “Net Promoter Score” is the golden standard in customer satisfaction surveys. The simplicity and broad application allows benchmarking, and ensures that new managers in your organization are immediately up to date with the results and their interpretation.

But what is good can often be made even better.

The question whether you would recommend a brand or service to friends and family (or colleagues in a B2B environment) is very non-binding and not equally relevant for every brand or service. Consider what companies find that asking whether respondents have actually recommended the brand has much more explanatory value and include that question as a supplementary question. Harvard Business Review has an interesting case in its online version that we do not want to withhold from you.

Sometimes the evolution of the score does not run parallel to your efforts, which can be particularly frustrating and does not help to mobilize everyone in your organization towards customer centricity. Do you keep in mind that your NPR score is calculated on a sample, subject to a multitude of forms of bias (eg non-response)? When setting up the NPR survey, it is ideal to first agree on the precision we want, and then to determine the sample size or to adjust the reporting frequency in relation to the desired precision. This gives you a framework that guarantees significant results every time.

P.s. you do also keep track of “incidents” too, even if it is only a rough count of returns, complaints … per moment in time? After all, customer satisfaction surveys are a lagging indicator, behavior is “explained” by the respondent and can be subject to many forms of bias, such as halo effects. The combination of data and research gives you the most complete picture and the most concrete points for improvement. You would not be the first company to be lulled to sleep by a “vanity metric” …

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