Software and methodologies

Marketers have never had available so many tools to build dashboards, query databases, process surveys, reports, tables, presentations, and visualizations. Just find the candidate or freelance market researcher who is at home in this pile of tools that your marketing department is deploying… 
Where one company uses SPSS, the other uses SAS. And where one company is committed to Qualtrix to query its own customers, it does the other thing with Surveymonkey. At some companies, Tableau is the standard in visualizations, others create infographs in Canva. One company analyses and maps its image on the basis of correspondence analysis, the other analyzes preferences with conjoint and Max-diff analyses. Also programming languages like R, Python and SQL are increasingly finding their way to marketing departments. 
Although our freelance market researchers have a broad expertise, they are not an expert in everything. But here the power of the network can be applied, so that our freelancers are likely to fall back on someone who does have expertise with a particular tool, so that we can get you started quickly.