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Interim assignments

Your data continues to flow, even if you are awaiting the recruitment of a new employee or your trusted team is temporarily not (fully) available for any reason. Make the difference by hiring one of our experienced freelance consultants.


We support companies in data, research or insights projects: guiding ad hoc research, analyzing data, designing reports, dashboards and scripts, setting up tracker research, or writing strategic reports. Our Insights Wizards introduce specialized knowledge.


We work with you or your new employee at fast pace or provide tailor-made training. Do you doubt the efficiency of your organisation's research activities? Then there is the Insights Audit. Read all about it in coaching.

Sounding board

You know that, reports are stacking up. Especially if the company does not have its own market research department, the frustration with the business departments is that not all insights are extracted from the material. What more is there to find in the data and what can a fresh look from the outside teach you?

Freelance Market researchers and consumer insights managers

Can you recommend a good market researcher,
data or insights professional?
That is the question we regularly get from companies.

Searching the internet is time consuming and gives no guarantees.

With Insights Wizards, we give a quality mark to expert and reliable market researchers, data and insights professionals. We only propose people, for whom we can really vouch for!

Jasper Scheir en Wim Hamaekers Dirk Van Kemseke, Wim Hamaekers and Jasper Scheir have decades of experience at both the client and agency side, in sectors such as FMCG, media, banks and insurance, telecom, retail, services... Etc.

Let them help you quickly find a good and reliable data, research or insights professional.

How does it work?

  1. You inform us about your wishes, via the form below.
  2. We'll call you back within 24 hours to properly understand your needs.
  3. On your behalf, we will be looking for a suitable freelance market researcher, data or insights professional in our network of experienced consultants with proven track record.
  4. Our freelancer will work for you.
  5. While the project is running, we have regular contact with you and the freelancer, and support or steer where necessary.
  6. At the end of the project we ensure a good transfer.
  7. We look forward to the next project!
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Tell us what you're looking for

Tell us more about the task or tasks for which you want to deploy your external market researcher or consumer insights manager, the skills that the freelancer must have and your timing. This is how we find the right researcher or analyst for you!

Working with an Insights Wizard


Our research, data or insights professionals have at least 5 years of experience in market research or data and insights industry. In addition, they have gained experience in leading or advisory positions in companies, agencies or organisations such as Esomar or CIM... They know how to combine the scientific methodology with pragmatics. If that is not a guarantee.

Strategic Insights

Data and insights are often enough within companies and on the internet. It is an art to ensure that insights within the company are also used at the strategic level. This by separating the relevant data and insights from the rest, and understanding well the broader business framework. If desired, our Insights Wizards are coached by a team of experienced consultants to ensure that market and consumer insights give your business a competitive advantage.

Technically strong

The business intelligence needs of each company are unique. And so each marketing department builds its own unique set of search, analysis, reporting and visualization tools over the years. The strength of our network of market researchers lies in the combined knowledge of each member. Discover how we work for you in Software and methodologies. In addition, we keep the finger on the wrist and put the latest technological gadgets in where appropriate.

Reliable and communicative

We want to work with an Insights Wizard to guarantee quality and a thorough follow-up. We therefore make clear agreements and ensure that we are always easy to reach.

Interested in becoming a freelance market researcher in our network? Insights Wizards is an initiative of and for research, data and insights professionals. We know as no other the challenges of working with data and customer insights and know from our own experience what it is like to be a freelancer. With us you can expect support, honest contracts and team spirit.
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