Freelance customer insights manager begeleidt een focusgroep rond merkwaarden

Smart customers: Branding exercises and “the voice of the consumer”

We will tell you another time how Wim and Jasper came to the name One Inch Whale. But we all have been involved in exercises around brand identity, name and logo development at one time or another. And as a consultant I often lead or participate in such brainstorms . 

It is a well-known recipe: Participants gather potential company values on post-its, which quickly cover whole walls, after which we do a convergence exercise to come to the essence: those values that completely reflect what the organization stands for. 

It is an important exercise, one that is beneficial for the team buy-in, but one that often lacks an important stakeholder, namely the consumer. Because only consumers are able to tell what values resonate and can be distinctive compared to competitors. And this can done on a small scale, so there’s no excuse not to do it!