Frequently asked questions about Insights Wizards

Frequently asked questions for freelance marketing researchers

How can I become an Insights Wizard?

  • Quickly fill out the form on the page ‘register as a market researcher’.
  • Then we will contact you for an introductory interview and screening.
  • You are now part of our network of freelance marketing researchers.

What can I earn as a freelance market researcher or analyst?

  • At intake we record your daily rate as an independent marketing researcher.
  • Insights Wizards takes a small margin on top of that amount.
  • Exceptionally, we can suggest assignments that do not fully connect to your profile , for which you are therefore over-or underqualified. In the latter case we will, together with the client, look for ways to support you. In mutual agreement, we will define a budget that is reasonable for both you and the contractor of the research job.

Why should I, as a freelancer, become an Insights Wizard?

  • Interesting assignments at leading companies,
  • Honest contracts. Together we stand strong!
  • We support you, you can rely on the cumulative knowledge of the network,
  • You work with and for people who know what it is to be a freelancer and know the challenges of market research, data analysis and working with consumer insights. You are not a number but part of the team.
  • You are not obliged to do anything.

Who’s behind Insights Wizards?

Insights Wizards is an initiative of Wim Hamaekers, Dirk Van Kemseke and Jasper Scheir. Read here why we started with Insights Wizards and what we want to achieve.

Frequently asked questions for clients

Why work with a freelance research manager?

  • Quickly available: A lot of good self-employed (ZZP) market researchers are available on the short term.
  • Quick results: Our freelancers are ‘can do ‘ people, who act quickly and get started right away. Other employees often go through a comprehensive onboarding process that can take weeks or months.
  • Relevant experience: Our freelancers have a lot of experience, and our screening and coaching process ensures that you get exactly what you need.
  • Also for part time functions. Perhaps you do not need a full-time employee, and you’d prefer interim assignments to achieve your goals within a limited budget.

How much does a freelance market research professional cost?

We understand that budget can be an important criterion. Insights Wizards calculates a small markup on top of the daily rate of the freelance marketing researcher. If you give us a budget indication, we will search for the self-employed person who fits within the needs and budget of your Insights Department and if that is not possible, we will also explain why not and what is possible.

The daily rate of the freelancer reflects his experience. In comparison to the gross wage of a permanent employee, the freelancer himself is responsible for holidays, training, sickness, all costs and social contributions as included in the employer’s total employee cost.

How do you guarantee the confidentiality of my company data? 

  • Insights Wizards only works with fellow market researchers that have an impeccable reputation.
  • At the beginning of the assignment, the freelance market researcher draws up an NDA (Non-Disclousure Agreement) which lays down the obligations of the freelancer and specifies any penalties for non-compliance. You can use your own NDA, but we can also suggest a basic document. We are happy to help you determine what are reasonable requirements.
  • We’ll only offer you freelancers who have not worked for a customer in the same combination of sector/geographic market for at least 3 months (non-compete).

Can a market research agency rely on an Insights Wizard?

No, we place our Insights Wizards exclusively on the customer side, in the marketing and/or research departments of companies.